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Solar energy powered LED street lightning.

solar powered street lightning

A solar energy powered simple battery that loads during the day and gives LED light during the night. It’s simple and it could unload the electricity netwerk, solving the difficulties it currently has with getting all people being self-sufficient with their energy and dumping their overload onto the netwerk. To me, it seems a good idea to replace the old lamps and cables & save energy!

They could also be equipped with camera’s, wifi hotspots,…


Intelligent glass (anti-theft & solar energy). #oipd

intelligent glass window

Intelligent glass is the glass for windows of the future. It’s recognises wind, rain, snow, etc but also notifies the owner when it breaks or it is cut (typically when someone tries to break in). Furthermore it has great isolation values in terms of energy, noise and sun. Light is captured and can be used as solar energy. Glass connected domotica & apps have tremendous potential to connect the outside world with the inside of a home.

Energy captive roof design. #oipd

Solar / heat pump roof designWe should rethink the concept of roofs.

The idea is to create a roof design that consists of solar energy captive tiles with below that some kind of heat pump principle build into. It would definitely look less stupid and less ugly than those dreadful solar panels.

Energy captive roofs instead of solar roof panels are only the beginning… No? 🙂