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The Squatting B&B Network: Guerilla hotels.

Ruin bar

When I was younger, I always looked at punkers who were squatting buildings. I also visited some and some were quite nice. It had all the basics and the atmosphere there was unique. In Budapest you have the principle of Ruin Bars. Old, decayed buildings are transformed into community centers and bars. The best parties were to found there.

My idea today is to create a hotel network of guerrilla places to stay. You basically turn empty buildings and places into sleeping facilities with extra’s. You charge travellers for their stay and make money by offering extra services such as food, drinks and parties. Living adventurous for the B&B operators, adventurous lodging for travellers. Both will have an awesome time.


autourdumon.de: Find a travel compagnon dating service.

Travel mates

For some people it’s hard to go on holidays. They don’t like to organise it, they don’t like to look for people to travel with. Some even hate it and decide not to go on holidays anymore because the fear of going alone. Autourdumon.de is a website where you can find people to travel with.

How does it work?

  • You schedule yourself an interview on the website so you agree to the mediation dating service terms and conditions.
  • You attend your interview wherein you will be asked for your preference travel destination, travel activities, travel compagnon, and get screened a little on personal and financial health…
  • Every month you can attend organised travelspeeddatingsessions via webcam where you can meet potential travel partners.

Once there is a ‘click’, you go on holidays together. Everything regarding the trip will be taken care off within the (premium) budget you have for spending. Except packing your own luggage… 🙂

Freestyle Experience Travelling: Where you are going…

Freestyle Experience Travelling

The goal is simple. You have none. You just reserve a decent amount of time and off you go. You stick your thumb up and start hitchhiking. Whenever someone stops and ask you the famous question: “Where to?”, your answer is as simple as: “Where you are going, if you don’t mind.”

If they don’t mind, you jump right in and start explaining the concept. You are freestyle experience travelling and you need to stay with the same person for 8, 24 or 48 hours. Within the hour, you need to agree on the timespan you’ll be together. All the consequences of being with a person, shadowing him/her and to experience what this (wo)man experiences are is what’s freestyle experience travelling is all about. You’ll laugh, perhaps you’ll cry, you’ll learn, you’ll have a great time. Once the agreed timeframe has passed, you need to say goodbye and, wherever you may be, continue your travel.

The hitchhiker

This idea is based on my ‘Looking for Margot’ (I don’t know) experience & Valentijn‘s We Work We Play principles. It could be something for Dave Gorman to do. It could be for any adventurous traveler interested in human sciences. Let ne know if you try this out! 🙂

StartupTravelers.com – Create a startup with strangers while travelling. #oipd

For me, vacation is purely meeting new people, visiting places, good food, more drinks than usual, catching up a bit on sleep. But after two or three days, I get bored. And I get plenty of ideas when travelling. So StartupTravelers is an idea that basically beats Startupbus (in which I participated in the first Europe edition 2011) because it’s more open because of it’s self-regulating community of startuptravelers who will advice and evaluate along the (travel) way. 

StartupTravelers - Entering Startup

The concept of StartupTravellers.com is a website platform where you can meet likeminded people who love to do/realize/work in a startup and combine that with travelling. Who doesn’t get inspired by travelling? Everybody, right?

First, you look for an idea, people or a period in which you want to travel. Secondly, you decide with your fellow startup travelers where to go. The platform offers some nice pré-defined routes (mostly by train) in. These routes have the advantage that you can also combine the working (while getting from point A to B) with meeting people who will evaluate your startup and perhaps offer you a place in startup accelerator program or seed capital. Online other startup travelers can follow your trip, interact and provide your startup with valuable input.