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autourdumon.de: Find a travel compagnon dating service.

Travel mates

For some people it’s hard to go on holidays. They don’t like to organise it, they don’t like to look for people to travel with. Some even hate it and decide not to go on holidays anymore because the fear of going alone. Autourdumon.de is a website where you can find people to travel with.

How does it work?

  • You schedule yourself an interview on the website so you agree to the mediation dating service terms and conditions.
  • You attend your interview wherein you will be asked for your preference travel destination, travel activities, travel compagnon, and get screened a little on personal and financial health…
  • Every month you can attend organised travelspeeddatingsessions via webcam where you can meet potential travel partners.

Once there is a ‘click’, you go on holidays together. Everything regarding the trip will be taken care off within the (premium) budget you have for spending. Except packing your own luggage… 🙂


Ski Vacation: Club Med Valmorel.

Disclaimer: this trip was sponsored by Club Med Belgium.

First of all, thank you TheInsiders for selecting us, and ClubMed for the setup of this wonderful action. I was delighted and pretty happy when I’ve heard that we could go skiing for a couple of days in Valmorel to enjoy the full Club Med experience. I do however feel sorry for my wife who had some pregnancy pains and decided not to come. Pieter was more than willing to join me in this skitrip. And what an experience it has been… Continue reading “Ski Vacation: Club Med Valmorel.”