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J’accuse (bis)

When I saw Fabian Tilmant‘s tweet this morning in which he regretted not being selected to go on a 10-day innovation trip in the USA and I hadn’t received any news yet, my hopes were up. After checking the website of EYIF, all hopes vanished immediately. They had already selected 10, I presume, very happy people. At that moment, I felt a bit sorry for the organizer not having the courtesy to have informed me in person. It’s not that I had just applied by leaving a name and number, no, I’ve spend a couple of hours on thinking how we could close the Innovation gap in Europa. The way they communicated, or the lack thereof disturbed me. But so be it.

I had a look at the names of the winning participants and one looked very familiar. I double checked and indeed, it was one of the co-founders of the EYIF I’ve come across over the weekend when researching what the EYIF was. I was surprised that a member of the EYIF could win a place in the InnotourUSA 2012… Apparently I wasn’t the only one with that feelingContinue reading “J’accuse (bis)”