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The O-chair; an all-in-one office chair.


With office space expensive in a lot of area’s and people working mostly as digital nomads space can be used more optimal.

A comfortable office chair with small tablet as desk, a hydraulic arm with a second (large) screen that can be deployed from the back, plugs for any device and electricity plugs under the seating that get powered by batteries in the wheels that are powered by floor contact or through an additional plug for supercharging reduces desk space with a factor between 3 and 5. Furthermore when equipped with a GPS, it can anticipate constant movement. By including your calendar appointments, you will move automatically to the meeting rooms in time, without being distracted from what you do and thus save productivity time. Over time, more intelligence could be build in so it analyzes everything you and your colleagues work on in real time so clusters of work will group people more logically on the floor. Adding the layer of wellness (massage buttons, media center,…) makes sure you never want to leave it again. Except when you feel the urge to spend a penny… 🙂


SunPro: Special sunscreen protection. #oipd

Sun blocker creme is always a pain in the *** except if you’re a young couple and are looking for ways to touch each other… For couples with young kids, sun blocker is something that has to be done on holidays. Much against their will, these children are forced to be put sunscreen on all over. Also these adults, they need to give the right example. Believe me, it’s not always, and certainly not mine, favorite holiday passtime.

I hate the sun for sunscreen!

The SunPro sun blocker is one you put on your skin but that changes genetically the molecules of your topskin temporarily so you don’t need to cream yourself in for a while. As it changes the surface skin only, it gets comes off automatically.

You will have them in factor 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100. Over time this will also be available as a skin injection that equally distributes it over all your topspin.