The who-sits-next-to-me app sparkles conversations. #oipd

I take the train daily. It’s a wild guess but i think people in stations are spending between 30 and 80% of the waiting time in using their smartphone; they call, check facebook, instagram, they tweet and mail… This morning I sat next to a woman who did what I just described. She made me curious about her online profiles but I didn’t want to ask her because that would mean that I secretly was spying on her behavior.

The who-sits-next-to-me app is an app that, when you have it, scans the surrounding for people like you. It tells you that someone is in range or by push or pull. When that’s the case, you can first check the profile of this person and get a password catchphrase to start a conversation. The password catchphrase is basically a push/poke. That can be send online or you can use it directly in a real life conversation. It should work a bit like oldskool bluetooth.

the who-sits-next-to-me app that sparkles conversations

That’s mainly the goal of the app. If you know who sits next to you, you can talk about something interesting (or about nonsense). Handy, right?


One thought on “The who-sits-next-to-me app sparkles conversations. #oipd

  1. Love the idea. I was thinking about the same thing when driving. Would’n it sometimes be great to ‘ring’ the guy or girl driving near you and have a chat? I remember truckers and amateurs used long antennas and a special frequency to talk to each other over the radio (CB?). With apps today it’s easy to show who’s driving near you to give them a ring..

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